New Target Beauty Capsule – At-Home Luxuries Bath and Body Gift Set

Target Beauty Capsules are new and replacing their limited edition Beauty Boxes that they had available from time-to-time. The Target Beauty Boxes were usually $7 and had 4-5 sample size items in them (maybe an occasional full-sized item). The new Capsules have 9 new products in them (including more full-sized products). The price point is $15 each. I recently posted my New Target Beauty Capsule – Fresh Finds Bath and Body Gift Set and now I will unveil the Target Beauty Capsule – At-Home Luxuries Bath and Body Gift Set. These are the only two Beauty Capsules currently available from There is no subscription for these capsules. They are one-time purchases and they list what is in them so you know what you are getting. I find them by searching Target Beauty Box when making a Target purchase online.

I really love the box that this came in – it’s like a beauty box happy meal!
I love how they list all the ingredients in the products on the back of the box for a quick reference check
Wow 9 products plus a $5 off coupon for any Target Beauty purchase (in-store or online)
So many great products – let’s delve in!
Acure, Brightening Facial Scrub $3 sample $10 full size – this is not my favorite product. I have heard dermatologist say facial scrubs aren’t the best for skin. They can cause mirco tears in the skin. And this particular product uses walnut shells which can be abrasive and sensitizing to facial skin. Dermatologists usually recommend chemical exfoliants on the face.
Here is more info.
Hair Food Avocado & Argan Oil Smoothing Hair Mask Hair Styling Product for Curly Hair $3 – This I am excited to try. It is a mix of moisturizing silicone’s and plant based ingredients to replenish and sooth curly hair. I will definitely be trying and get back with a review
Olay Premium Body Rinse Off Body Conditioner Shea Butter – Full Size is $6 – this one I am not too excited about. It has denatured alcohol listed as the third ingredient. Denatured alcohol is very drying to the skin. I am okay if it’s listed as a last ingredient in body products but I don’t like to see it as a main ingredient.
Que Bella Professional Illuminating Holographic Peel off Mask $3 – Not super excited for this one either. It also has denatures alcohol listed as third ingredient. And it contains perfume and some irritating fragrances such as Limonene. Any beneficial ingredients may be flooded with alcohol and fragrance on your face.
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Calming Relief Hemp Body Oil $9 – This one I am excited to try. It’s loaded with moisturizing and beneficial ingredients to the skin. Love that it’s a full-size!
SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Brightening Body Lotion Trial Size $4 – This is a product that I have reviewed before and a favorite of mine. It is a great moisturizer, from a great company, and at a great price – go here to see my review
Artnaturals Collagen Booster $13 – This looks like a really cool product with a stellar ingredient list. I am excited to learn more about Collagen Boosters (I’ve never used one in a serum) and to learn more about Artnaturals. They also have hyaluronic acid serum and a retinol 2.5% serum all for $13 each from
DERMA E Hydrating Eye Cream $18 – This one does look pretty cool to try. I like that it contains a retinol component and Hyaluronic Acid. I am currently using RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream and I like the formula in the ROC slightly more only because the ROC does not have witch hazel in it and the Derma E does. It may only be a smidge though. I may try this when the ROC is finished. I am nervous the witch hazel may dry out my already too dry eyes but maybe the Hyaluronic Acid will counter it.
Resin Gua Sha $8- A face messaging tool. It looks like from what i’ve read a rose quartz or jade Gua Sha is best but this might be okay to try out the concept.
Here’s a how-to video and an article on the benefits of Gua Sha

Well, that’s all the products. Unlike in the last Capsule that I unveiled where I liked all the products, there were a few here that I don’t love but still might try. I still think the capsule is worth the $15 no matter what.

Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored post nor do I get any commission from the links provided. I bought the beauty capsules with my own money because they are a great deal and I wanted to try them

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Buy Target Beauty Capsules

Target Beauty Capsule – At-Home Luxuries Bath and Body Gift Set – 9pc

Target Beauty Capsule – Fresh Finds Bath and Body Gift Set – 9pc

Have you tried a Target Beauty Capsule? What is your favorite beauty box or beauty sample deals?

Share the Love, Kat

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